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Purchase FAQ

Product Subscriptions and Pricing

All devDept Software products are sold based on a subscription model. This means that when you purchase a Subscription, you receive 12 months of free updates for that product(s) from the date of purchase - be it a minor service update or a major new version. After the 12 month period and at your discretion, you can pay the 55% of original price to "renew" the subscription and receive another 12 months of free updates. If you choose not to renew, you can continue using the last version you obtained or are eligible to use. The 12 month time frame is merely for new versions/updates and does not apply to rights of use (as long as the EULA is not violated).

Note that you can renew a subscription after it has expired. Renewal costs increase 30 days after expiration of your subscription. Please contact our Sales Team if you have an expired subscription or if you need further clarification on the terms of our subscriptions.

Absolutely. You can continue to use products which you have licensed and paid for as long as you require. When a subscription expires, it simply means that you will no longer be issued any product updates or new product releases.

An expired subscription can be renewed. If you do not renew your subscription on the 13th month after purchase, your renewal cost will increase. Feel free to contact our Sales Team for more information on renewals and product costs once your subscription expires.

devDept Software does not charge any royalties for redistribution of components that have been integrated into applications which you engineer. Of course, this only applies if you have a valid license to all products which are being used within your application.


Yes. Each developer that uses our products must have their own license. We don't license per machine, per server, or demand any royalties or run-time fees. For more information, refer to our EULA. Testers who just test the completed, compiled application (that is, use it much as an end-user does) do not need a license.

Absolutely. You can install up to three machines as long as the DOMAIN/USERNAME used for logging in, remains the same.

If no development is performed on the build machine and its sole purpose is to generate actual builds of your products, then no you do not need to purchase a separate license for the build machine. If however a developer uses the build machine for active development and this developer does not have a valid license for the products, then yes, he/she must acquire a license for the product.

No. The information includes the software version, the end user’s user account, product ID information, a machine ID, and the internet protocol address of the device.

Yes, however validation is still required. Please contact our Support Team for instructions on how to do it.

Not a problem, we can issue a legacy license with the purchase of the equivalent current license. Please, contact our Sales Team for more details.

Like all software you purchase, we do not provide any warranty. In essence, we provide the software "as is". To be absolutely sure of what we do or do not provide, please refer to the EULA.

However, when you purchase a license, you will have access to all upgrades and updates for a full year. You will also automatically have access to our technical support service. You can renew after the year is up. If you don't renew, you will no longer get free updates and technical support.

Support Service

Support is provided by one of two methods: either by a web-based system we call the Help Desk, or by email ( We aim to respond to all questions within one business day. Support via phone, IM, or chat is not provided. The support team may, in certain circumstances, decide to access your development machine using Remote Desktop or similar. This is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Support is only provided to a developer with a valid license.

There are no general rules here: it really depends on the severity of the issue, whether there is a temporary workaround, etc. In most cases, you will be able to get a hotfix from support. Sometimes, there's no possibility of a hotfix and you will have to wait for the next minor release. Since we publish releases every three weeks or so on average, it's unlikely you'll have to wait very long.

Special Pricing

Yes. We offer 10% discounts to qualified academic, government and non-profit entities, provided that you purchase directly from us. These special discounts cannot be combined with any other type of discount and apply only to non-commercial use of the product.

To qualify for the discount, you need to send us a document clearly indicating that you are the respective institution. An official e-mail from your official account which bears your signature is sufficient in most cases.

For more details, please visit our Special Pricing page.

devDept Software offers the following volume discounts:

  • 2-5 licenses - 10%
  • 6-10 licenses - 15%
  • 11-20 licenses - 20%
  • 21+ licenses - 25%

Volume discounts are applicable to volume purchases of identical products in any single purchase, and cannot be used for multiple orders.

Multi-year subscriptions are available on demand for all products. Contact our Sales Team and save 5% to 15% off the renewal price for multi-year subscriptions.

  • 2 year subscription: this year + 1 following year = 5% off the following years
  • 3 year subscription: this year + 2 following years = 10% off the following years
  • 4+ year subscription: this year + n following years = 15% off the following years


The fastest and easiest way to obtain a devDept Software product license is through our online store.

If you need a Purchase Order or any assistance with the order placement, please contact our Sales Team.

It's easy to obtain a quote prior to making payment. Please contact a member of our Sales Team and we'll be happy to follow up on any questions you may have regarding your order.

Yes we do. Orders placed with an external distributor are subject to terms and conditions of purchase set forth by that distributor. Please visit our Resellers page for more information.

Sure, if you have an expired license you can always update it to the latest version. You simply need to login in your account and click Renew on the latest order or contact our Sales Team for a quote.

Yes, you can upgrade your current product license to a higher edition; the upgrade price depends on when the upgrade is made, for example if you upgrade your license within the first 30 days you would pay only the difference between the purchase prices.

Yes, if you own WinForms or WPF platform and need also the other, contact our Sales Team to request a quote.


As payment methods we accept credit cards, wire transfer and checks.

The advantage of using a credit card to make your payment is that your order will be processed immediately and you will be able to download the software within one business day.

devDept Software is not responsible for any payment failure resulting from inaccurate payment card details provided by customer when placing an online order, any restrictions applicable to payment card by customer's bank, or payment gateway failure.

Wire transfer generally takes between 3-5 business days to reach us. Once we receive the payment, we will automatically send you notification of the invoice and downloading instructions.

Yes We do. We accept purchase orders from existing corporate customers with clear payment history. Purchase orders can only be paid by wire transfer or cheque on net 14 days terms.

Purchase orders from newly registered corporate customers and offline orders from individual customers are subject to advance payment by wire transfer.

We set prices and accept payments for our products only in EUR. Please contact our Sales Team to receive bank account information.

devDept Software offers the opportunity to evaluate any of its products for free during a trial period specified in the applicable end-user license agreement and encourages the customer to fully evaluate the product before buying. Customer may withdraw from using product at its sole discretion anytime before expiration of a free trial period.

Returns are honored by special request only and cannot be guaranteed.

Generally, we make refunds only in case a credit card was stolen and used to purchase a devDept product license. There are no refunds granted for any product purchases or renewals once the source code has been downloaded. To request a refund, please contact sales with the reason(s) why you are requesting a refund, and our team shall respond promptly to your inquiry.

Once your order is finalized, you will receive an email receipt for the payment with the link to the invoice. If you need any assistance with requesting your invoice, please contact our Sales Team.

Product Delivery

If you want to buy a devDept Software product you need to create an account on website.

After placing and order you receive a confirmation email with payment information and within one business day, you will receive an email with the invoice and software download instructions.

You can download the licensed product version from your account by assigning each license to a developer.

The software is delivered electronically only. There is no physical shipment. If you have placed the order online, you will receive the order confirmation e-mail with software download instructions within one business day. You will be able to download the purchased software also from your account.

If you have made a wire transfer, please allow 3-5 days for processing the order. Should you need any assistance with downloading the software, please do not hesitate to contact our Support Team.

Taxes and Deductions

No. Product prices do not include any national, state or local sales, use, value added or other taxes. You will have to pay such taxes, if due.

The rules to charge taxes we apply are summarized on the EU Value Added Tax page.

No. You cannot deduct anything from the amount reported in the invoice. If you think you are entitled to a discount please contact sales before buying. Please note that bank transfer fees are not included in the list prices and you need to cover the fees for the wire transfer additionally.

Renewal and Upgrades

Renewing the license ensures continued access to new versions of your product and technical support from developers who build the product.

The best time to renew your license is up to 30 days after the expiration date because the rate for Early renewals is only the 55% of the original license price. However, even if you have an expired license, you can always renew the maintenance and support period of further 12 months, by purchasing a Welcome Back Renewal.

Upgrading the license to a higher edition ensures access to additional features and functions.

Feel free to contact our Sales Team to request a quote for upgrading your license.

You can renew/upgrade your license by logging in to your account and click “Renew” or “Upgrade” for the order highlighted by a colored line. Please note that renewals are always for one year from the expiry date of the previous year's subscription regardless of when the renewal payment is made.

We will send you a reminder email twice, the first one month before the expiration date, the second email two weeks before your license expires. If you have any questions regarding the renewal process, please contact our Sales Team.

Source Code

No, sorry.

We offer an alternative way to protect your investments in Intellectual Property. Please refer to Source Code Escrow service page for more details.