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Breaking Changes in Eyeshot version 9.0

This page lists the important behavior and API changes that were introduced in this version. If you already have projects using devDept Software products, you will need to peruse this list in order to understand the changes you might need to make to your source code to support this new release.


What's New

To learn about what's new in this version, please refer to the following page: What's New.

  • Support for Remote Desktop Connection in WPF
  • Resolution independence for User Interface elements in WPF
  • Solid3D watertight tessellation, silhouette drawing and texture mapping.
  • Solid3D.IsPointInside(), Section() and IntersectionCurves() methods
  • Region.ExtrudeAsSolid3D(), RevolveAsSolid3D() and SweepAsSolid3D()
  • Selection filter to enable selection on vertices, edges, faces of Solid3D objects and faces only in Mesh and Solid objects.
  • SelectVisibleByPickDynamic action type to allow selection dynamic highlight
  • Volume rendering
  • Text entity conversion to Nurbs curves and regions
  • Text.Billboard property to see the Text entity always parallel to screen
  • Support for reading point clouds from LAS files
  • Support for AutoCAD SHX fonts
  • Layer.Exportable property
  • Leader entity
  • Ordinate dimensions
  • ICurve.IntersectWith() method
  • UtilityEx.ConxexHull() method for 3D convex hull computation
  • Lighting property for all User Interface elements, when false a new flat User Interface is used.
  • The ability to localize enums
  • Routing and MVVM source code samples
  • Eyeshot Tools, a new utility application for activation, projects upgrade, samples unlock, laptop machine detection.
  • Support for Windows 10 and Visual Studio 2015


Breaking Changes

#BC-1Missing WorkUnit.DoWork(ViewportLayout)This method has been removed, use ViewportLayout.DoWork() instead
#BC-2WorkUnit.Unlock() addedAll WorkUnit derived classes now implement licensing. When not used in conjunction with a constructor accepting a ViewportLayout parameter, you need to call WorkUnit.Unlock(<serial number>) to activate them.
#BC-3Magnifying Glass as ActionModeMagnifyingGlass is no longer a property but an ActionMode
#BC-4ButtonStyle.ColorTheme movedButtonStyle.ColorTheme property was moved to Background class
#BC-5New Rule: Extrude, Revolve and SweepWhen extruding, revolving and sweeping from Region you get a closed object. When doing the same from curves you get an open object.
#BC-6ICurve.IsPlanar() for open curvesICurve.IsPlanar() on open curves always returns a consistent plane
#BC-7Multi-touch center of rotationRemoved the ability to set center of rotation with multi-touch
#BC-8ProgressBar.VisibleProgressBar.Visible property now determines if the progress bar is shown during asynchronous computations. It is no longer possible to show the progress bar outside from WorkUnit execution.
#BC-9ToolBar.Contains()ToolBar.Contains() method now takes the mouse cursor position in screen coordinates (zero Y on top)
#BC-10Extrude, Revolve and Sweep: new rule.Extrude, Revolve and Sweep from Region generate closed objects, from a contour generate open objects.
#BC-11Extrude(), Revolve() and Sweep() methods renamedExtrude(), Revolve() and Sweep() methods were renamed to ExtrudeAsMesh(), RevolveAsMesh() and SweepAsMesh(), ExtrudeAsSolid(), RevolveAsSolid() and SweepAsSolid(), etc.
#BC-12Surface.Loft() now returns a Surface arrayIn case of sections with the same number of segments, Surface.Loft() now returns an individual surface for each section segment.
#BC-13Renamed LinearPath.Explode()LinearPath.Explode() was renamed as ConvertToLines()
#BC-14Nullable propertiesOriginSymbol, CoordinateSystemIcon and Viewcube user interface elements are now defined as Nullable properties in WPF. To facilitate elements creation, the following methods have been added: OriginSymbol.GetDefaultOriginSymbol(), CoordinateSystemIcon.GetDefaultCoordinateSystemIcon() and ViewCubeIcon.GetDefaultViewCubeIcon().
#BC-15Renamed ViewportLayout.RotateCamera(Vector3D)ViewportLayout.RotateCamera(Vector3D) was renamed to SetView(Vector3D)
#BC-16Renamed ViewportLayout.RotateCamera(Vector3D, bool, double)ViewportLayout.RotateCamera(Vector3D, bool, double) was renamed to SetView(Vector3D, bool, double)
#BC-17Moved HiddenLinesViewOnFileAutodesk.ScaleLinesToWorld to HiddenLinesViewSettingsThe HiddenLinesViewOnFileAutodesk.ScaleLinesToWorld property was moved to HiddenLinesViewSettings class
Eyeshot version 9 is based on .NET Framework 4.5


Release Notes

DirectX renderer (the only one available in WPF) doesn't support realistic shadows. A (limited) support for old graphics cards with DirectX11 9_3 feature level is available with the following additional limitations: no planar reflections, no two sided lighting, four lights instead of eight, no point or spot lights, no width for lines and points.