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Eyeshot Ultimate 10

Smarter. Faster. Better.

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What is Eyeshot?

Eyeshot is a CAD control based on the Microsoft .NET Framework. It allows developers to add CAD functionalities to WinForms and WPF applications in a snap. Eyeshot provides tools for building geometry from scratch, for analyzing it with finite element method and to generate toolpaths on it. Geometry can also be imported or exported using CAD exchange file formats.

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Free Your Imagination

Combine multiple data sources, input devices and CAD entity types as has never been possible before. Import your dataset from file or from Visual Studio project resources or from database. Allow end-users to interact using keyboard, mouse, 3D mouse, fingers or Kinect® sensor. Select between Mesh, Solid and Nurbs surface modeling technologies to unleash your creativity.

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Developing CAD Applications has never been so easy fun!

Eyeshot is the only 100% .NET CAD component on the market. With 60 source code samples (in both C# and VB.NET and for both WinForms and WPF platforms) it’s also the easiest to learn.

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Latest Posts


Extruding DWG/DXF profiles

Here's a code snippet to extrude AutoCAD® profile.  // Reads the Autodesk file var ra = new ReadAutodesk("myfile.dxf"); ra.DoWork(); // Extracts a collection of curve entities List<ICurve> curves = new List<ICurve>(); foreach (Entity e ...


Migrating from Eyeshot 4 to Eyeshot 10

As first, we recommend to take a full backup of your project(s) including your existing Eyeshot DLLs. From version 4 to version 10 many changes were made but with Eyeshot 8 we introduced the Project Converter tool that helps you to migrate from a maj ...


Eyeshot 10 build 991

We are proud to announce the availability of a new Eyeshot 10 stable build: 10.0.991 Highlights: STEP and IGES import speed improvements up to 10x BRep boolean operations speed improvements up to 30% Immediate mode rendering for WPF control Improve ...


Eyeshot Standard, Nurbs, Solid and Fem product editions will be removed from production

Bologna, Italy – April 10, 2017. From the release of Eyeshot version 11 (scheduled for Jan 2018), we will stop building Standard, Nurbs, Solid and Fem product editions. As a customer with a current subscription, you’ll be offered a specially discount ...


Immediate mode rendering in WPF

Refers to Eyeshot 10.0.991 and greater. Many of you discovered that the Eyeshot native WPF control is not as fast as the Windows Forms one. Basically we all need to blame Microsoft and their D3DImage WPF control implementation. The main reason behin ...

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