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Upcoming Eyeshot releases

Eyeshot 10

Planned for Q4 2016

We operate in a dynamic environment, and things are subject to change. The information provided on this page is intended to outline the general devDept Software products direction. It is intended for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon when making any purchasing decision. The development, releases and timing of any features or functionality described for devDept Software products remains at the sole discretion of devDept Software. This roadmap does not represent a commitment, obligation or promise to deliver any products to the customer at any time.

Priority Feature Description Product
Progress Preview
A Assembly Fully fledged assembly environment with the ability to activate/isolate or open/switch to a component. All 100% Video
A Solid3D booleans Basic booleans operations between Solid3D objects. See these samples. Nurbs and Ultimate 100% Video
C Block definition export in IGES The ability to export Block/BlockReference in IGES file format (Types 308, 408) Nurbs and Ultimate 100%  
C Solid3D export The ability to export Solid3D objects in IGES file format (Type 186) Nurbs and Ultimate 100%  
B Web Service A source code sample that explains how to interact with Eyeshot through a web service. Beta is started, see this page. All 100% Video
B Line types Full read/write support for AutoCAD linetypes. Pro & up 100%  
A Regen The entities regen on a separate thread that doesn't block the UI with progress bar. All 10%  
A XOR Drawing The ability to draw in XOR mode with DirectX. All 100%  
C WebGL export The ability to export geometry in the three.js file format. The WriteWebGL class will be able to write a single HTML file containing geometry and scripts to Zoom/Pan/Rotate the model. Try it live here. Pro and up 100%  
C Diagnostic The ability to run Eyeshot in diagnostic mode and write a detailed log file. All 100%  
C Image comparison Expose our internal image comparison tools for 3D scene visual testing. In 3D graphics programming, the automatic 3D scene image comparison tool is a precious testing tool. All 100%  
B Shapes Utility classes to build rectangle, rounded rectangle, slot, circular slot and hexagon shapes as CompositeCurve or Region types. Constructurs include the ability to use a sketch plane different from XY. All 100%  
B Mixed units Built-in support for mixed units. The ability to insert a block in millimeters in a drawing in inches with proper scaling. Will affect DWG/DXF, IGES and STEP files import/export. All 100%  
C Multiple toolbars The ability to add any number of toolbars. All 100%  
C HDL filled texts The ability to fill text of all annotations in 2D vector layouts. All 100%  
C Circular references Improve loading of DWG/DXF files with circular references. All 100%  
C ICurve.OffsetToRegion() The ability to generate a Region entity from a planar open or closed curve. All 100%  
C WPF styles Improved support for WPF styles and templates. All 100% Video
C Content cloning Add a ViewportLayout.CopyTo(ViewportLayout) method that simplifies the creation of a new ViewportLayout control with the same content. All 100%  

Eyeshot 11

Planned for Q4 2017

Priority Feature Description Product
Progress Preview
C UWP Universal Windows Platform support All 0%  
C File format Implementation of a proprietary versioned binary file format All 0%  
C G-Code The ability to load G-Code files as a collection of LinearPath objects All 0%  
C Collision detection The ability to check the collision detection between objects All 0%  
C Special surfaces Reduced memory footprint of special surfaces Nurbs and Ultimate 0%