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Compare Eyeshot editions

Eyeshot comes in three different editions: Professional, Ultimate and Fem. Professional Edition includes wireframe curves, dimensions, point clouds, meshes and basic CAD exchange file import/export. Ultimate Edition adds nurbs curves and surfaces, manifold BRep and advanced CAD exchange files import/export. Fem Edition includes volume mesher and Finite Element Analysis.

Key Features

  • Optimized shader-based rendering for OpenGL and DirectX
  • Advanced GPU effects: real-time shadows, reflection panes, silhouette edges, optimized transparency and multi-layer texturing
  • WorkUnit class: asynchronous modeling made easy
  • Asynchronous import/export of CAD exchange file formats
  • Surface reconstruction from point clouds
  • Analytical hidden lines removal
  • 2D/3D Finite Element Analysis
  • 2D/3D toolpath generation and simulation
  • Area and mass properties
  • Multi-touch support
  • FEA mapped meshing
  • Proprietary file format
  • Construct 3D volumes from any stackable set of images such as MRI and CT
  • Design-time editors to customize layout and appearance settings
  • A few DLLs compiled against AnyCPU for easy deployment

Feature Comparison

Compare features to select the Eyeshot Edition that works best for your needs.

Feature Professional Ultimate Fem
Multi-viewport support
Eleven different selection modes (graphics and geometric based)
Selection filter (object, face, edge, vertex)  
Layers support
Linetypes support
Realistic shadows
Area and Mass properties computation
Retrieve 3D coordinates of a vertex
Retrieve 3D coordinates on a face
Plate, Cubic, Cylindrical and Spherical texture mapping
Triangulation, meshing and marching cube
Mesh entity
Surface reconstruction from point clouds
3D volumes from MRI and CT scans (DICOM)
Solid (polyhedral) entity and boolean operations
Nurbs curves and surfaces entities  
Manifold Brep entity and boolean operations  
2D/3D Collision detection
2D toolpath generation
3D toolpath generation  
CNC material removal simulation
Built-in support for 3D mouse (3Dconnexion®)
Multi-touch support
2D/3D Meshing    
2D/3D Finite Element Analysis    
Model environment
Drawings environment
Manufacture environment
Simulation environment  
File Format
Proprietary file format
DWG/DXF/OBJ/STL/LAS/ASC import/export
IGES/STEP import/export  
GCode, JT, 3DS, PDF import
3D PDF export
WebGL export
Copy/Save/Print raster (JPG, PNG, TIF, GIF, etc.)
Copy/Save/Print vector (EMF, DWG, DXF)

Graphics Features

  • OpenGL and DirectX renderers
  • Fully-leveraged 3D GPU acceleration
  • Wireframe, Shaded, Rendered, HiddenLines and Flat display modes
  • Orthographic and perspective projection for each viewport
  • Up to eight lights (point, spot, directional)
  • Examine, Walk and Fly navigation modes
  • Planar and realistic shadows (with three different quality setting)
  • Multi-viewport support
  • Antialiasing
  • Planar reflection
  • Environment mapping
  • Dashed hidden lines
  • Silhouette curves
  • Turbo mode
  • Small object and frustum culling
  • Up to six clipping planes
  • Customizable overlay drawing
  • High-quality TrueType and 3D text support
  • High-quality WYSIWYG hard copy output
  • 2D vector copy to clipboard

CAM Features

2D Milling Strategies

  • Clearing2D
  • Pocket2D
  • Contour2D
  • Parallel2D
  • Face2D

3D Milling Strategies

  • Clearing3D
  • Pocket3D
  • Contour3D
  • Parallel3D

In Details

  • Work plane setup
  • Support for flat, bull nose and ball end mills
  • Support for any kind of geometry (flipped, cracked and faulty included)
  • 2D and 3D toolpath generation
  • 2D and 3D toolpath simulation
  • Toolpath generation limited to a boundary region
  • Axial and radial stock to leave
  • Clearance, retract, top and bottom machining planes
  • Climb, conventional and mixed cut directions
  • Flat area detection
  • Straight and circular leads
  • Plunge and helix ramps
  • Order by depth
  • Stay down distance

FEM Features


  • 2D/3D meshing with mesh control

Analysis type

  • Linear elastic

Boundary conditions

  • Fixed displacement and rotation
  • Concentrated load and moment
  • Pressure load
  • Temperature


  • Isotropic
  • Beam materials for square, rectangular, circular, I, C and T sections.

Element types

  • 2D & 3D trusses
  • 2D & 3D beams with hinge support
  • 3 & 6 node triangles - plane stress & strain, 3D axisymmetric
  • 4 & 8 node quadrilaterals - plane stress & strain, 3D axisymmetric
  • 6 & 15 node curved solid pentahedrons
  • 8 & 20 node curved solid hexahedrons
  • 4 & 10 node curved solid tetrahedrons
  • 2D & 3D joints


  • Direct
  • Parallel iterative Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient

Proprietary File Format Features

  • Always compatible with previous versions
  • Geometry, tessellation or both.
  • Single or multi-file
  • Lazy loading of large assemblies
  • Extensible with customer data
  • Data compression