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devDept Software S.r.l.
Via del Faggiolo, 1/11d
Bologna, BO 40132

Don't forget your purchase order number and payment terms. devDept's standard payment terms are .

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Our products are shipped electronically

To ensure proper product activation, you must provide the contact information for the license holder (the individual responsible for maintaining and administering the license) as follows:

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If you do not accept invoices electronically, please indicate where you would like us to send the invoice

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Sales tax is not a required field. devDept will charge sales tax if applicable. If you are tax exempt, please put EXEMPT in this field and provide devDept with your exemption certificate.

We must receive a copy of your purchase order (PO) before we can activate your product. Once your PO is ready, you can email it to us at

Purchase orders typically take 1-2 business days to process. The terms and conditions under which we accept purchase orders are subject to change without notice. If payment is not received within the period specified on the invoice, your company’s account and all associated accounts and licenses will be deactivated.

Two More Things

Terms and Conditions

All purchases from devDept are governed by the respective product EULA or service agreement. By submitting a PO to devDept you agree that the applicable devDept product EULA or service agreement solely governs your purchase and use of the devDept products and/or services, and that any PO or other document submitted or used in connection therewith shall be for administrative convenience only and all terms and conditions stated therein shall be void and of no effect.

Payment Methods

For Purchase Orders, we accept payment via Bank (Wire) Transfer or Check. Our banking details are included on the invoice. Important: Bank transfer fees are not included in the list prices, so your company needs to pay both the sending and receiving bank transfer fees.