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Upcoming Eyeshot releases

We operate in a dynamic environment, and things are subject to change. The information provided on this page is intended to outline the general devDept Software products direction. It is intended for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon when making any purchasing decision. The development, releases and timing of any features or functionality described for devDept Software products remains at the sole discretion of devDept Software. This roadmap does not represent a commitment, obligation or promise to deliver any products to the customer at any time.

Eyeshot 2023 planned for Jan 2023

Priority Feature Description Product
Progress Preview
C GCode simulation A new code sample for GCode simulation with tool library and stock definition All 50%  
B Text Further improvements to small texts drawing/readability All 95%  
B Ambient Occlusion Screen space ambient occlusion All 100% Video, Image Gallery
B Twins separation Stage II: translators moved toward the .NET6 geometric kernel side All 100%  
A Selection Static semi-transparent selection like v2022.2 dynamic one All 100% Video
B CAM Project and Trace machining classes Ultimate and up 50%  
B NURBS Curve and surface extension methods (by parameter and by point/curve) Ultimate and up 100% Video1, Video2
B DWG file format The preliminary version of the managed ReadDWG/ReadDXF classes All 90%  
B Hidden Lines Removal A faster and less accurate way to generate vector views on large datasets All 20%  
B Twin Separation CAM and HDL classes toward the .NET6 geometric kernel side All 50%  
B 3D Mouse Full support of object mode for 3D Connexion space mouse (without the need of any driver installation) All 100%  
B Memory footprint Tessellation of all entities will be moved to float arrays, this will reduce the geometry memory footprint, proprietary file format file size and file read/write speed. All 100%  
B Meshing A new Meshing namespace with Curve, Plane, Surface and Volume mesher classes. Fem 100%  

A new project for importing DXG/DXF without relying on Open Design Alliance unmanaged DLLs started on August 2020. It will take more than one year and possibly will allow us to get rid of all those legacy DLLs that today are necessary for DWG/DXF read/write. Please vote/comment for this feature here.