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What's New

A quick look at new features in Eyeshot 2021

Eyeshot 2021 introduces the CAM module, multi-file read/write and lazy loading, Hatch entity, ReadPDF class many other super-useful features.

Multi-file read/write and Lazy Loading

Eyeshot 2021 includes the ability to read/write assemblies from/to disk as one file per block, like many other CAD systems do. In most of the cases, this reduces considerably the assembly loading time.

This paradigm was used also to implement Lazy Loading. The Lazy Loading feature allows Table of Context only loading of a complex assembly, leaving to the user the ability to load a single assembly component at time. An essential feature for users that deal with huge assemblies.

Multi-file read/write video can be found here.

CAM Module

In this release, the toolpath generation and simulation topic was finally addressed. Eyeshot 2021 includes the new Manufacture environment and class definitions for machining setups, end mills, geometries, 2x and 3x milling strategies, leads & ramps and stocks.

Manufacture environment also provides the 2x and 3x material removal simulation, with true sweeps for ball, bull nose and flat end mills.

BOM and Balloons

Bill of Materials and Balloons can be easily created now. Eyeshot 2021 includes methods to extract BOM from assembly trees and methods to lookup assembly components from vector drawings views.

Hatch entity

Another long awaited entity definition is here. Eyeshot 2021 has native support for hatches and hatch patterns.

VectorView selection & edit

With the redesigned VectorView selection and edit, you can now change view contents without the need of setting the view current. With complex views, this makes the detailing process so much better.

Collision Detection

Accurate Collision Detection went under a complete refactoring and now is much faster (up to 40x).

The CollisionDetection sample was also upgraded to allow custom model testing against the robot arm.


You asked, we delivered. In this release you can extract vector drawings from PDF documents.

Object Manipulator

In this version of Eyeshot, the object manipulator UI element, includes the display of linear and angular values.

Of course, there are more features and improvements: