We offer three product editions with increasing level of functionalities.
All licenses are royalty-free.

Eyeshot Pro

900 € / dev

  • Polygonal modeling, drafting and point cloud.
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Pro edition includes:
  • Design, Drafting and Manufacture workspaces.
  • Proprietary file format
  • Collision detection
  • Hidden Lines Removal
  • Constraint solver
  • WorkUnit and WorkManager
  • WinForms and WPF Visual Studio designers

Eyeshot Ultimate

1.350 € / dev

  • NURBS and BRep modeling, IGES/STEP and CAM.
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Everything in Pro, plus:
  • NURBS modeling
  • BRep modeling
  • IGES/STEP translators
  • 3x CAM

Eyeshot Fem

1.800 € / dev

  • Geometry meshing and Finite Element Analysis.
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Everything in Ultimate, plus:
  • Simulation workspace
  • Curve, Planar, Surface and Volume meshers.
  • Linear and quadratic FEM elements
  • Direct and iterative FEM solvers

Licensing and Savings


Each developer working on the app UI and using the Eyeshot tools needs a license.

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& Support

Each license is perpetual and comes with one year of maintenance and support (M&S).

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& Upgrades

M&S Renewals are 55% of the list price, and upgrades to higher product editions ensure the best value for money.

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You can reassign the license at any time when changes to your team occur.

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