We encourage growth, innovation, and collaboration, in both our products and our people.

Be Part of a Growing Team

At devDept, we place huge value on individuality and the personal and professional development of our employees.

Our innovative and open company culture allows our whole team to use and develop their skills and talents to the full, and gives us the chance to go beyond the scope of individual job descriptions.

Creativity and a willingness to embrace new ideas are at the core of our work.

What You Need to Know

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Based in Bologna, Italy, the company was founded in 2006 with the commitment to deliver easy-to-use CAD software components to the engineering industry. The development team consists of a unique mix of programmers, mathematicians, and engineers.

devDept products are used to add CAD capabilities to .NET applications. For example, a structural design program would benefit from a 3D view of beam structures, as well as providing the ability to select items directly in the 3D view to simplify workflows. It may also need boolean operations to cut structural members, automatic 2D drawings generation and export to CAD neutral file formats for the actual beam production.

devDept software components are employed across a broad scope of industries such as aerospace, manufacturing, construction, mining and healthcare. Customers include TRUMPF, Siemens, Amada, Porsche, Honda, Boeing, Rolls-Royce, CLAAS, Samsung, Mitutoyo, Komatsu, and Hexagon.

We don’t believe in status or strict hierarchies. Open doors, honest communication, no red tape and innovative approaches form the core of our philosophy. Each individual is unique and we encourage everyone to unlock and fulfil their own potential. Even though we are all different, we share one thing in common: we all work well together in a team to ensure that everyone has the chance to use and develop individual strengths to the fullest extent. Through our teamwork and philosophy, we continue to generate a unique working culture and create true value for our customers.

It is essential for us that our employees enjoy coming to work and are comfortable here, and with this in mind, we have regular team building events, often enjoy a post-work drink together in town, offer free meals and fresh fruit in our canteen, and do everything we can to ensure that our colleagues feel at home here.

Diversity is our strength – that is our motto. Our employees come from a broad spectrum of academic backgrounds. Whether from backgrounds in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, mathematics, physics, or industrial engineering, recruits from all disciplines find their way to us, bringing with them valuable knowledge and expertise. As well as specialists, we are also always on the lookout for all-rounders who look beyond conventional disciplines to forge synergies between multiple subjects and skills.

Open Positions

Below you'll find our current job opportunities

Senior Software Developer

You will be key to maintaining and extending our CAD software component (core features, algorithms, user interface).

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Algorithmic Software Developer

You will be involved in the development of advanced geometric algorithms (hidden lines removal, triangulation, meshing).

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Junior Software Developer

You will be involved in technical support for international customers and the maintenance and extension of source code samples.

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3D Graphics Software Developer

You will maintain and extend our CAD software component (graphics kernel, scene graph, animation).

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Senior QA Engineer

As a senior QA engineer you will assess the quality of the product and support our customers.

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Student Software Developer

We are looking for a dedicated working student for our development team. From day one you'll be involved in the design and development of POCs and source code samples.

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Mathematical Software Developer

You will be maintaining and extending our NURBS advanced geometric algorithms (edit, intersection, offset).

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Senior Technical Writer

You will be working in close collaboration with the development, support, QA and marketing teams to produce first class documentation for Eyeshot.

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The Recruitment Process

  • Application
  • Application review
  • Interview
  • Test project
  • Test project review
  • Offer

If you find a role that fits your background and aspirations, tell us about yourself in your application. Complement your CV with a cover letter showing what opportunities are of the most interest to you, highlighting your strengths, and making your motivation for applying crystal clear. If your experience doesn’t entirely match any open positions, but you trust that your expertise may be valuable to us, don’t hesitate to apply.

As we receive a large quantity of CVs weekly, please allow us up to two weeks to review your application. If your application demonstrates the skill set we are looking for, we will reach out to you and schedule a telephone interview.

A telephone interview helps us learn more about your talents and experience. We believe that a great match is a two-way street, so the initial telephone interview is both your opportunity to discover more about working with us and our chance to get to know you.

Assuming the initial interview goes well, we will invite you to a formal interview at our office. Our interview process is designed to test your technical knowledge and to find out more about your personality, as well as your experience and motivation.

If we’re still on the same page following an in-person meeting, we will ask you to complete a test project, the purpose of which is to both delve into your knowledge and to demonstrate to you the real experience of working with us, which will also make the transition as you join the company more smooth.

Your test will be assessed by professionals with whom you may well end up working closely. From time to time, we ask candidates to fix some issues or bugs in the test project. Communication with the team during the test project is also an important criterion for us. Following this stage, we provide every candidate with feedback on their completed test.

If we think you’d be great at devDept, we’ll make an offer and iron out any other details, such as relocation issues.

Get in Touch

If you have any questions about a job vacancy, you’d like to understand more about our unique company culture, or have anything else you would like to ask, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, we’re more than happy to answer any queries you may have.

+39 (051) 619 7203

A look Inside

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The list of tools we love to work with

Product Manufacturer Description
Visual Studio Microsoft Development environment
Azure DevOps Server Microsoft Source control management
ReSharper JetBrains Coding assistance
YouTrack JetBrains Issue tracking
TeamCity JetBrains Continuous integration
NCrunch Remco Software Concurrent unit testing
VSdocman Helixoft Help authoring
IconWorkshop Axialis Icon design
Fireworks Adobe Image editing
Snagit TechSmith Image and video capturing
Camtasia TechSmith Video editing
SQL Toolbelt Red Gate SQL Server deployment
Slack Slack Instant messaging

Product Manufacturer Description
FinalBuilder VSoft Technologies Software build automation
Eazfuscator Gapotchenko Code protection
Advanced Installer Advanced Installer Setup authoring
VMware Worstation VMware Virtualization
Remote Support
Product Manufacturer Description
TeamViewer TeamViewer Remote assistance