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Reading DWG/DXF

From Eyeshot 2023, two new managed classes can be used to import DWG/DXF files: ReadDWG and ReadDXF. Dealing with DWG/DXF files in Eyeshot requires several additional steps compared to other standard CAD file formats. As all professional CAD systems do, Eyeshot relies on Open Design Alliance for …

by Giulia Martini | January 08, 2019 | Share


Eyeshot file format thumbnail handler

You can extract the thumbnail icon from the Eyeshot proprietary file format with the below code Bitmap thumb = UtilityEx.ConvertBytesToImage(new ReadFile(fileName, true).GetThumbnail()); For example, you can use it to create your own shell thumbnail providers as explained in this codeproject tutori…

by Marcello Stagni | April 23, 2018 | Share


Eyeshot Proprietary File Format

Eyeshot 11 introduces a new proprietary file format that is versioned. It provides options to save geometry only, tessellation only, or both, allowing users to balance file size and loading speed according to their needs. Additionally, the file format supports entity types extension and file compre…

by Marcello Stagni | April 19, 2018 | Share

3D Graphics

Changing edge color for a single entity

The following derived Mesh class demonstrates how to change edge color for a single entity. class MyMesh : Mesh { public Color EdgeColor = Color.Empty; public MyMesh(Mesh another, Color edgeColor) : base(another) { EdgeColor = edgeColor; } protected override void DrawE…

by Alberto Bencivenni | November 24, 2017 | Share


Eyeshot issues with Telerik controls

Issue 1: Docking control When using Eyeshot control inside a Telerik docking control, the Eyeshot control disappears due to a dispose call. This behavior is time issue due to the built-in animation of the ToolWindow. Basically, when you docked, a Pane animation is triggered, Close event of the wind…

by Marcello Stagni | October 05, 2017 | Share


Immediate mode rendering in WPF 🚀

Refers to Eyeshot 10.0.991 and greater. The 3D graphics drawing in the Eyeshot native WPF control is not as fast as the Windows Forms one. Basically, we all need to blame Microsoft and their D3DImage WPF control implementation. The main reason behind this issue is the number of additional passes t…

by Alberto Bencivenni | April 03, 2017 | Share


Printing in raster with a given scale

To do a raster printing using a given scale, so that the (scaled) world distances correspond to the distances on paper, you need to use an orthographic camera, then call the Viewport.GetBitmapSizeToPrintInWorldUnits() and use the returned size in the Design.RenderToBitmap().   Example: // Sets an o…

by Luca Cornazzani | May 26, 2015 | Share


Vector printing with custom scaling

If you want to print on paper the view displayed in the Design control, you can follow the approach reported in this article. Suppose that your viewport looks like this: and you want to print it on paper in hidden line mode. Your printButton handler should contain the following code lines: private…

by Permanently deleted user | April 11, 2014 | Share


MultiTouch Input on Tablet / High DPI Devices

Eyeshot 6 and above automatically supports multitouch input on machines with Window 7 and above. If you are using Eyeshot on devices with higher DPI settings than the standard 96 DPI, as is common for example on tablet devices, to make the touch input work correctly you should mark your application…

by Luca Cornazzani | June 06, 2013 | Share


Eyeshot issues with DevExpress controls

Issue 1: RibbonForm When using Eyeshot control inside a DevExpress RibbonForm, sometimes the Eyeshot control disappears due to missing Paint messages. This problem was discussed in this thread and can be solved by adding the following overrid…

by Luca Cornazzani | March 22, 2012 | Share